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A Top-Down Football, with bombs, guns and lots of fun! Shoot the bomb at the opponent's car to damage and destroy it! 
Action, Fast, Fun. What else does it need?!

Test your skills in Single Player against AI


Go competitive and play locally with a friend*

  • 3 Game Modes: Peaceful, Restless and Chaos.
  • Single Player and Local multiplayer (Versus*)
  • Joystick support for both players


  • Check out the Controls Page in the main menu to get familiar with the buttons. 
  • Your gun is the key to win the game, keep an eye out for your remaining ammo and pick up more when you need it.

  • Cannons are a great defense for your car. Keep them reloaded by picking up their ammo.
  • In Chaos mode, you can shoot the intruders at the sides. These guys drop some useful items sometimes...
  • Don't forget to dash towards the bomb. It's fast, effective and free!
  • The crowd love the action! Don't stand still by your car or they will get angry!



*Local multiplayer requires at least one joystick controller

Bomball created by Iman Irajdoost and Abbas Zolfaghari


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